¡ Spañasol, ayyy que bueno !


The leading spanish food brand in France !

Created in 2019 to modernise the Spanico brand, Spañasol has more than 200 products lines, which will excite your tastebuds and put some sunshine on your plate. These include aperitif snacks, olives and condiments, tapas, vegetables, spices and seasonings, specialities, cooked meats and pastries and cakes. With a wide range of aperitifs, Spañasol will also bring your party nights to life. Are you ready for travel and fun ?!


Spañasol®, trademark registered and distributed by Interpole.

specialites espagnoles spanasol

a few key dates

Creation of Spanico
Transition of Spanico to Spañasol
Spañasol arrives in New Caledonia
Spañasol arrives in Belgium

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