• Signing the contract

    Spañasol is joining forces with Team Shades to offer you amazing content and much, much more... We are designing an original project that will start at the end of August… Stay connected. Want a clue? It’s a mystery...

  • Design creation

    Savanah is working hard with Team Spañasol to create the new visuals for… Any ideas?

  • The photo shoot

    Team Shades strikes a pose in a Montpellier studio to create some wonderful surprises for you. Haven’t you found them yet?

  • The project unveiled

    The Spañasol project to… create a new aperitif snack in its own image!

  • The concept

    Stage 1: Spañasol tasting – Team Shades tastes all our aperitif snack products. Stage 2: Product selection – Each member selects one of the products he or she has tasted. Stage 3: Creation of the mystery aperitif snack cocktail. Result: 6 different-flavoured products combined in a single aperitif snack Got any product ideas?

  • Pack production !

    The quest to create the mystery cocktail has begun in our Spanish factory!

  • The mystery cocktail is finally available!

    And here it is! Want to taste it and find out which products Team Shades selected for you? The mystery aperitif snack cocktail is available in supermarkets now.

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